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First Steps is a 3 week course designed to help you get started on your faith Journey. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to become the best you can be at serving God and serving the people around you. You’ll meet many of our church leaders, as well as others taking the course with you. The course will also provide you the opportunity to become a member of Living Faith Miracle Center and connect you to the beautiful grace God has placed on this ministry. Classes last approximately one hour. It starts JULY 17,

24 & 31, @ 7pm. Please feel free to join us as we embark on this faith journey together.

Lesson One - The Beauty of Being Connected to a Local Church

We are called, not only to believe, but also to belong. Even in the perfect, sinless environment of Eden, God said, “It is not good for a man to be alone.” Why is this so? For these reasons:
• None of us can fulfill God’s purposes by ourselves.
• There is no place for isolation in the body of Christ.
• We all need each other, in order for the body to be healthy.


Lesson Two - You are called to belong, not just to believe.

You were formed for God’s family; He created you to be included. In the world today, just like there is no perfect family, there is no perfect church either.
God desires a big family and you were created by Him to be a part of it. Planting people in a vibrant local church is one of His many strategies to achieve His goals for this generation.

Lesson Three - The DNA of our church.

In this lesson, you will learn the 4 major principles of our Apostolic House. They are:
1. Why we believe in excellence.
2. Why we have a passion for God, His House, and His people.
3. Why growing spiritually is so important.
4. Why we must take territories for our King.


Lesson Four - Serving God, by Serving Others

Greatness is connected to servant-hood. If you desire to be great in the Kingdom, you must become a servant. Jesus Himself was great, because He was a great servant.
In this teaching, you will learn different ways to serve in the Kingdom, and manifest your gifts.

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