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Healed from Fourteen Years of Milk Allergies

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

“Our son was diagnosed with allergies at six months of age. We were told that his allergies were very rare, and only two percent of all children ever outgrow them. One Sunday morning, Apostle spoke a word of prophesy that someone had received healing from their dairy allergies. I remember asking our son in our vehicle as we drove home, “What do you think about what Apostle said in the service?”

​His response somewhat took me by surprise as he said,“I receive that!” ​On Saturday morning, our son wanted to have our usual pancake breakfast with cow’s milk, instead of our usual soy or almond milk substitution. He felt an urge to take a step of faith! That night we celebrated his healing by ordering in pizza for the first time as a whole family! When our daughter, who was not present for the pancake breakfast, saw her brother eating the pizza, she exclaimed, “Are you trying to kill yourself?!” She was amazed to witness him polish off a few pieces of pizza for the first time in fourteen years! ​The next day, the enemy tried to steal away the healing. Our son decided he would drink a glass of cow’s milk for the first time, to see what it tasted like. He looked at me and said, “Mom, what would have happened right now if I wasn’t healed from my allergies?” I proceeded to tell him, and with my nursing history, I was very detailed. He took a few sips of the milk and proceeded to get ready for church. Moments later, he came into our room, quite upset and crying. He felt he was having a reaction. We immediately prayed with him and gave him some anti histamine medication. ​Later on, we told Apostle what had happened throughout the week. Apostle said a simple prayer, and said our son would be fine. Since then, our son’s allergies have never returned. Praise God! He has indulged in perogies with sour cream, pizza days at school, ice-cream … and anything else he chooses to eat, with absolutely no bondage to allergies! God is good!”

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