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Miracle baby

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

“In November 2012, Apostle Everton was at our church in Switzerland and had a word about, “Something spectacular out of the womb in the month of February; something divine for you two,” and to, “Go into prayer; go into fasting.” The prophecy was actually directed at someone else, but my husband and I both felt strongly that this was the answer we were praying for about our next child. ​On our way back home that night, we talked about it.

We felt it would be a boy, and decided to call him Everton. In the next two months I spent twenty days fasting, and many hours with God daily. To make a long story short, we conceived in February! Because God spoke a lot about giving us a double blessing, we thought they were twins. But in the end, God explained to us that it is one child: one double blessing! As we know about the covenant friendship of Apostle Everton and Apostle Charles, we named him Everton Charles. He is our spectacular double blessing from God!”

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