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Breakthrough in Employment

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

“When we came to Vernon, we did not have much money, and were on welfare. Unfortunately, these funds were not enough to physically get by on, and feed the both of us. So we prayed. We had heard somewhere that you did not have to pay tithes on welfare cheques, so we didn’t, because we were afraid that we wouldn’t have enough money to live on. ​Then one service, the message came forth from Apostle on tithing.

He said that if we would put the Lord first by paying our tithes to Him, God would open up the windows of Heaven and keep the devourer from us. The Lord said, “Try Me and see what I will do.” ​So, we tried the Lord and started to pay tithes. True to His word, He opened up the windows of Heaven and He poured out more than a blessing. He poured out abundance, more blessings than our little apartment could hold, and more food than we could eat. Favor was surrounding us everywhere. I found a job, and I was faithful in that job. Even when other employee’s hours got cut back, I was increased to full-time work. Then my wife got a job too, not just one offer but two. We held God to His Word in time of need, and our needs were always met. I believe we are under an umbrella of covenant blessings and protection, because we are connected to this body of believers and to Apostle Everton and Pastor Tracy. I am thrilled to say that God is changing lives! There is a domino effect where, if one member of the body rejoices, the rest of us rejoice!” D. & J. E.

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