Our Vision: What we see.

We are Living Faith, a Global Ministry where we preach and believe the uncompromised Word of God. We are a place where lives can be mended, purpose can be realized, souls can be saved, families can be restored, and our community can be impacted. This is what we believe, and this is what we do!

Our Mission: What we do.

Our heart is to empower the church, and raise a generation of men and women, who will expand the Kingdom of God, by restoring our community, saving the lost, healing the sick, and planting and establishing breakthrough churches in our region.

Our Purpose: Why we are here.

To bring Glory to God, as we prophetically catch God’s heart and execute His vision, and mission by building a Christ-centered, Bible-believing church, that has a passion to help people, become all they can be in God.

Our Connection: Get Involved!

One of the greatest fulfillments in life is to discover your purpose and mission and connect to a vision that is bigger than yourself.