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Crossfire Youth Ministry

Crossfire Ministry is a high school age community of believers that ages from 12 -18, who are passionately in love with Jesus. Our passion and mission are threefold:

Our Fire: His Cross: Saving the Lost

Our Fire: Is ignited by our Love for the Lord, and fueled by our calling, gifts and relationship with Him, (Col.1:4-10). We long to please Him by holding purity close to our hearts

His Cross: Is what has given us our Salvation, and the foundation to spread the Gospel.

Saving the Lost: Our heart is to reach and minister to our generation of young people, so they can experience the reality of Christ. We are passionate about God’s heart, and His purpose for our lives.

CYM meets the first two Sundays mornings of the month at 11am, and the last two Fridays @ 7PM. For more information, please contact us at, or call the church at 250 763 2993, and ask for Angelo.

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